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Whether travelling to work, school, or on holiday, taking cello water bottles with you is always a good option. They are safe and convenient to carry as you can never be sure whether you will get fresh drinking water on the go. Keep yourself hydrated at all times whenever you are outdoors. Using a reusable bottle is also good for the environment. 

Outside Price: Rs. 130

Manawholesale price: Rs. 100

Cello Water Bottle

₹130.00 Regular Price
₹100.00Sale Price
  • ఫ్రీ డెలివెరీ నెల్లూరు లో .. 

    క్యాష్ ఆన్ డెలివెరీ ఆంధ్ర లో .. నెల్లూరు బయట Rs. 50 డెలివెరీ చార్జీ ..

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