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Do you know that drinking warm water is beneficial to your health? Some people don't take advantage of this fact even though they know it because it can be a pain to constantly heat water or walk to the water dispenser that features a hot water outlet. The easiest way to overcome this obstacle is to use a flask. Hot and cold flasks can keep your beverage either hot or cold, for a period of up to eight hours.

Outside Price: Rs. 1000

Mana Wholesale Price Rs.650

Steel Vacuum Flask

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹650.00Sale Price
  • ఫ్రీ డెలివెరీ నెల్లూరు లో .. 

    క్యాష్ ఆన్ డెలివెరీ ఆంధ్ర లో .. నెల్లూరు బయట Rs. 50 డెలివెరీ చార్జీ ..

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