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Toothpicks are an easy and convenient way to keep your teeth and gums clean. Food and fluids often get deposited in the spaces between or on your teeth. If these food particles and deposits are not cleaned regularly, the bacteria in the mouth can build up. Bacteria can cause bad breath, infections in teeth and gums, as well as many other oral issues. It also causes decaying of gums and oral infections. 

Small Size Tooth Picks 10

Big Size Tooth Picks 20

Tooth Pick

  • ఫ్రీ డెలివెరీ నెల్లూరు లో .. 

    క్యాష్ ఆన్ డెలివెరీ ఆంధ్ర లో .. నెల్లూరు బయట Rs. 50 డెలివెరీ చార్జీ ..

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