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It is generally a good idea to keep some form of rain protection gear to save you from getting drenched in unexpected rains. An umbrella is one of the most basic items you can carry with you, to keep you from getting wet during rain showers. You can also keep it handy inside your handbag or backpack and head outdoors during transitional periods of weather that may cause rainfall unexpectedly. It is lightweight, compact, and serves a highly beneficial purpose to help you conveniently get from one place to another during the monsoon season. The folding mechanism of these accessories makes it very easy for you to carry them with you, whenever you head outside your home. 

Outside Price: Rs. 150

Manawholesale price: Rs. 120


  • ఫ్రీ డెలివెరీ నెల్లూరు లో .. 

    క్యాష్ ఆన్ డెలివెరీ ఆంధ్ర లో .. నెల్లూరు బయట Rs. 50 డెలివెరీ చార్జీ ..

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