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Lot of Kiranas, Why Manawholesale ?

There are a lot of Kiranas in tier-2/3 towns of India. Then why is Manawholesale still required?

Our difference in business model would help answer the question. But let's keep business model and hi-fi MBA terms aside. Lets talk in simple slang.

Why Manawholesale

Why Manawholesale .. for customers:

  • Prices: 25% lesser prices than regular retail shops.

  • Accessibility: 1-2kms walking, get what you want, when you go for an evening stroll. Manawholesale address.

  • Trust: A branded store that sells what non-urban population wants (best value items, may not be THE best quality). We are building that brand, with TRUST.

Google Ratings: 4.7/5. Our trust is not just limited between customer and salesperson.

Our TRUST is open to all. Check our google ratings.

Why Manawholesale .. for India:

  • we are a startup, we contribute to Indian govt's smaller town startup ecosystem

  • since we are a startup, unlike other kiranas, we operate with 100% organized trade

So if you're in Nellore, Andhra, go visit our first store and let us know the feedback.

If you're else where, wait for us to grow and reach you.

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