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Why non-urban market (Nellore)? Why not urban market?

Why not urban market?

Urban cities have become a crowded market place, and there is more supply available there (may be , than demand). For example: a customer today can order her groceries from multiple apps: Grofers, Big Basket, Flipkart, Namdhari's, Amazon fresh, Supr Daily, Jiomart, Reliance retail, More, Big Bazaar and the list goes on.

On the other side there is non-urban market that is dependent on offline retail mostly. There will be some electronics and fashion that will be ordered online. Otherwise non-urban market is mostly offline dependent on nearby Kiranas. There are big branded stores in non-urban market too - 1 Reliance retail in Nellore, 1 DMart in Nellore, 2-3 More and heritage and other stores. Then Why Manawholesale ?

Customers in Non-urban market

The customer mindset and buying patterns are different in non-urban markets.

Non-urban customers (most of them) love "value" over convenience. If there's good value provided at the best prices, then you won the game in non-urban markets. Hence a lot of market is unorganized in non-urban areas. (To provide cheaper prices, if you don't charge taxes to the customer, hence you don't pay taxes to the government, then the prices will be cheaper.)

Non-urban customers buy different inventory. They prefer goods slightly less on quality that come at a much cheaper price than highest quality goods that come at a premium price. For example: Puma bag or Reebok shoes are not bought in Nellore, but a laptop bag that's worth Rs.700-1000 with the best "rough and tough" quality will sell.

Manawholesale specializes in this domain. Best prices over convenience, and Best quality over brand.

Hence Manawholesale is in non-urban markets to provide what they want.

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